How to hire outsource blockchain development company


At least somehow connected with the blockchain, every person needs to know what lies at its basis, on what it is created.

First of all, you need to understand what type of blockchain developer you are looking for because “I am looking for a blockchain technology developer” is the same as saying “I am looking for an Internet developer”.

Be as confident as possible in answering the following question:

Do you need a blockchain platform from scratch or build a lightweight solution? Also, think about the type of blockchain you need: public, private, or consortium? This also plays an important role.

This question will help you find the right team and give the proper course to the development process.


You need to know what you are looking for

Consider the various aspects of your company as well as the type of blockchain project you need. Be sure to answer the following questions:

  • Are you a startup or a large corporation?
  • What is the kind of activity of your company?
  • Is it necessary for the developer to become part of your organization while creating blockchain technology?

Many factors go into which developer is best for you, such as the type of project, how long it takes, how many people you need to involve, and whether you need experts in the field or just enthusiasts whose skills you can develop.

It may even be better to transfer the project to a specialized developer company that is professionally engaged in the development of blockchain. Outsourcing can ease your work pressure and allow your company to focus more on delivering its core services.

Experienced blockchain developers are very different from the rest of the workforce, even those in the IT sector. This is because blockchain technology was originally an outsider and enthusiastic interest that has just started to have a real commercial impact on the IT industry in the last couple of years and the insurance industry in particular.

It is necessary to understand that the early fans of bitcoins and blockchain technologies are united in professional companies today. A shared vision joined these people; they focused on decentralization and crypto instead of traditional finance and banks. Because of this, there are solid ideological forces in a large part of the blockchain community that often fall into the realms of libertarianism and anarchism.

Companies that recruit developers must respect these ideologies if they want to attract the best talent for their needs. They also need to understand that this allows some projects to get a much faster start. A crypto-anarchist may be far more interested in a project that aims to improve democracy in the developing world than a project that seeks to cut costs in the banking sector.

The blockchain community is a broad “country” with conservatives and techno-capitalists. Many great blockchain developers out there consider the technology purely for its utility and have developed their skills to make money or help bring the technology to the masses.


Freelance developer or company?

There are two options you can choose between freelancer or an outsourcing blockchain development company. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and each of them has specifications. So let’s examine these options more thoroughly and understand, which one is suitable for your business.


It must be understood that freelance developers are unsuitable for complex blockchain project solutions. Their tasks are the execution of light tasks and short-term projects. Naturally, you can combine several freelancers for one project, but this option is ineffective. For example, a guy from Berlin is doing EVM, a guy from Tokyo is SaaS, and a guy from New York is IoT. If you want to hire them for a long-term project, you will create many problems for yourself.

But the key issue here is still the problem of value for money. Let’s figure out the pros and cons of the creation or implementation of blockchain technology by private specialists – freelancers and the development of blockchain technology together with a professional team. Special efforts should be spent on implementing the blockchain in identity verification, and it is impossible to assemble a team for such a project – only outsourcing.



  • Work from anywhere in the world. Your freelancer can work from anywhere in the world, at any time. He does not need to come to the office; he will do everything you need from his home.
  • The salary. There is no fixed salary for freelancers, and how much work they will do is how much you pay them. Therefore, the amount spent on a freelance developer may differ each month.
  • Lack of social packages. Usually, there are no obligations between you and the freelancer in the form of a VHI policy; there are no hospital and pension benefits. You are not required to pay a freelancer money if he does not work due to poor health.
  • Relationships. Usually, a friendly, respectful distance is maintained between freelancers and clients. Both sides do not want to get into a conflict.


  • Experience. It is challenging to know how experienced the person you will hire is. It is questioning to see the truth, for example, how many orders he completed, whether he has the experience, for example, in SaaS or IoT.
  • Responsibility. You cannot control a freelancer. Since he has a freestyle of life, he may forget about the order or choose entertainment instead of work. Irresponsible freelancers may not complete tasks on time. Late delivery of the order slows down the job.
  • Unreliability. You need to understand that a freelancer has nothing to do with you; he can leave your order halfway through, he can be lured away by your competitors by offering a large salary, he can refuse your order altogether without informing you about it, and this can slow down the development process of your ideas.
  • Lack of official contracts. Informal, verbal agreements sometimes lead to unpleasant situations, such as when a freelancer demands more money for his work than was agreed upon before the work was done.

Freelancers usually ask for less than professional companies for their services in creating blockchain since they are not burdened with the need to maintain an office and pay taxes. But they also give fewer guarantees of high-quality blockchain creation because not every freelancer, unlike a company, will conclude a full-fledged contract with the customer to develop blockchain technology.


Professional Blockchain Development Company

A professional blockchain development team gives more guarantees for the successful development of your idea. Naturally, professional companies specializing in complex solutions require more; however, the quality of such work is better than that of freelancers.

What is a company specializing in the blockchain – this is an organization combines mostly professional guys, each of whom is a master in his field. One guy will work with SaaS, another with IoT, a third with EVM, and so on, and all these people will be under one command. Working with the company guarantees you maximum attention to the project; it will be worked out in detail, and all flaws will be corrected. Implementation in any industry, even real estate, will become easy.

Unlike freelance services, after launching, for example, a blockchain-based website, someone must maintain it; companies usually provide such services.

One of the main advantages of choosing a professional company is the provision of guarantees. The contractor company will always give you legal guarantees of its work and take over all the internal coordination of employees involved in the phased creation of the site.

When choosing a developer company, special attention should be paid to:

  • Portfolio. The number and complexity of orders completed by the company.
  • Professionalism. The team must be as trained as possible. Team members must show a high level of professionalism.
  • Pricing policy. If the company provides a flexible pricing policy, it can change the team’s composition, thereby reducing costs.

When you hire a contractor company, you must show them that you understand blockchain and how complex the problems that arise, for example, when implementing a blockchain. Here are some of the most common hurdles developers face when fulfilling an order.



Blockchain is full of brand new vocabulary for developers, has a massive room for improvement, and finds different solutions to today’s most complex problems. Not all of its potential is revealed, and creating a full-fledged blockchain idea requires knowledge of many nuances of the blockchain.


Integration With Legacy Applications

The practicality of implementing decentralized cryptosystems goes beyond the traditional IT skillset. It takes a lot of time and nerves to implement the blockchain in legacy systems fully.



Since the blockchain is a “decentralized environment”, each component of the network must process each transaction; this comes at the cost of scalability. The greater the scalability, the faster the transaction. This plays a vital role in the creation of a crypto exchange.


A Team Made Up Of Experienced Developers And Newcomers

Do you know the difference between a good development company and an “excellent” one? It is necessary to understand how to recognize a company made up of excellent blockchain developers and a company made up of non-core developers who have learned some blockchain coding skills.

Generally speaking, excellent blockchain developers have the following characteristics:

First, they have strong ideological convictions centered on decentralization. Some go so far as to proudly self-identify as crypto-anarchists, and many of them have strong ideological beliefs about implementing decentralization everywhere, from corporations to governments to entire societies.

Secondly, they have a deep fundamental understanding and mastery of blockchain theory and economic principles. These understandings and experiences, applied to any decentralized technology, are the structural foundation behind most key breakthroughs in blockchain technology.

Blockchain developers have a real passion for technology – this is what they were striving for, what they were looking for and learning; that is, they were engaged in self-development in the field of blockchain. Many of them are PhDs, and most of them are deeply rooted in cryptography.

They are interested individuals; they are ready for any technical challenge. They care about unresolved issues. When faced with obstacles, they are convinced that they can find multiple solutions to any problems. To be better than others is their goal.

Exio.Tech suggests blockchain development solutions for any type of business. Our development team has worked using various programming languages on a range of smart contracts. We provide high-quality blockchain development services and have a tremendous experience in the sphere.

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