How to Start a Bitcoin Casino?


From the very first day that Decentralized Technologies were meant to revolutionize the world of traditional technologies. The changes didn’t move past the arena of online casinos and the gambling industry. Online casino owners give their preference to blockchain technologies due to their beneficial differences from traditional gambling sites. The key advantages of bitcoin casinos are alternative payment methods, anonymity, instant transactions, low deposits, and fees.

Advantages of Bitcoin Online Casino

  • In crypto casinos, gamblers have not just one payment method but a vast variation. Gamblers are free to choose their favored cryptocurrency and perform transactions using them. Yet, it doesn’t mean that in the crypto casino, players cannot complete fiat money transactions and only accept bitcoin payments. Quite the opposite, both currencies are equally supported.
  • Traditional gambling platform asks for gamblers’ personal information such as bank accounts and identity verification papers for withdrawing money. Online bitcoin casino keeps the anonymity of the users. The transactions are conducted without asking for personal information.
  • Whether users are making fiat money transactions or cryptocurrency, they are made directly without taking a significant amount of time.
  • Users also aren’t required to pay high transaction fees as the decentralized technology platforms are not connected to any financial institutions. Consequently, players are not required to pay any commission fees while making the transactions.

The same goes for low deposits. Users love bitcoin casinos due to the reason the deposit money can have the smallest amount. It allows them to enjoy the games themselves and not focus on winning.

An actual example of the crypto casino will showcase the whole package of the advantages and how to start a bitcoin casino in general. Let’s examine an outstanding example of crypto casino Sloto Casino.

How to Open a Crypto Casino?

Just as in a traditional gambling platform, the first step of the development process for starting a bitcoin casino is to examine the market and establish a business plan. It is also essential to examine the legal requirements regarding cryptocurrencies. Typically if the only payment method is decided to be cryptocurrency transactions and no traditional currencies or other payment methods are used, in that case, the gambling license is not required.

Make sure to have a secure bitcoin casino software as it guarantees the fairness of the games and secures wins for the users. The majority of the crypto casinos are built upon Ethereum blockchain systems like Etheria Gambling Server, Etheroll Dice Game, Ethereum Jackpot Project, or VDice Onlinegame.

Sloto Casino

Sloto Casino is a fair crypto gambling platform based on the EtherLite blockchain. EtherLite is a hard fork of Ethereum. It’s a pure POS project perfect for decentralized applications.

Open Source Smart Contracts stand behind the logic of the Sloto Casino games. Smart Contracts guarantee the honesty of the casino website since anyone can see all the transactions happening in blockchain technology. They also store all the data about the percentage of payments and the growing interest rating of the popular gamers.

Sloto consists of three casino games Sloto Wheel, Sloto Flip Game, Sloto Dice game. Since the games differ from each other in their nature, let’s view them separately.

How to Start a Bitcoin Casino? | How to make a your own bitcoin casino

Sloto Wheel Crypto Casino Game


Sloto Wheel Crypto Casino game is a prediction game based on a traditional spinning wheel. The key requirements were the fairness and the security of the players.

It was a meticulous development process. Firstly came the pre-launch testing, after which prototype development and finally QA.

As already mentioned, all the games in Sloto Casino are integrated into the EtherLite blockchain due to its security.

The Dapps frontend is structured using React.js, which secures the user-friendly design of the platform.

Web3 aims to interact with smart contracts and leverage them.

The final result of the development process is a successfully running gaming platform with interactive design. The game is easy to play, even for the newbies who are interacting with crypto casinos for the first time.

Sloto Flip Game

Sloto Flip is a decentralized prediction game where gamblers bet on cryptocurrency to predict the game results. The idea of the game is to be smooth and perform randomly.

Again the front-end performing program was React.js, and the back end was supported by Web3. Etherlite was perfect for the solution of the key task of providing a fast and scalable game.

Sloto Flip Game is absolutely random, yet fully trackable for the players due to the open-source smart contracts.

Sloto Dice Game

Sloto Dice Game is a crypto version of dice prediction, only here players bet using crypto. The essential part of the game is having the highest possible rank of randomness as the randomness factor qualifies as the fairness rank.

Now, another defining feature of this game is its development process.

Sloto Dice Game was built with the help of Metamask installation tools. Still, it kept React.js and Web3 as the basis of the front end and back end respectfully.

You can find examples of such projects on our website since it is not the first that Exio.Tech is providing services for Crypto Casino development. Our developers are experts and know all the tricks to secure scalable wins and design full functioning casino websites.

Now let’s run down the FAQ and try to cover the majority of them.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Are Bitcoin Casinos Profitable?

The profits in Bitcoin Casino depend on the volatility of the market. If the players manage to place their bets before the price of the bitcoin goes up, then they will manage to get unique benefits. In any case, gamblers should be conscious and have a clear gambling strategy.

Is It Legal to Start a Crypto Casino?

There are no factually stated legal conditions for opening Crypto Casino, unlike for traditional online gambling platforms. The clear regulations are only bound to the specific areas where the casino will be launched.

How Do You Start a Bitcoin Casino?

Have a clear structure of your future crypto casino. After that examine the market and find the experts who will help you make it a reality.

Do You Need a License For Crypto Casino?

If the country in which the casino will operate has regulations for cryptocurrencies you may need a gambling license, if not then none is required.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal in the U.S.?

In the majority of the U.S. states, Bitcoin Gambling is totally permitted and free.


The gambling sphere is always going to be in the spotlight for the players. Decentralized Currencies allow to leverage the profits and improve the issue that traditional online gambling platforms face. Start on developing your own crypto casino to be part of the change.