How to Track Cryptocurrency Live Prices


Whether you are an established trader in a crypto market or just starting to figure all the formalities and the ins and outs of the decentralized world, keeping an eye on crypto prices is still going to remain a tricky task. It becomes an especially tricky task if you are holding not just one but a few assets that change the price 24h. A great solution to this problem can be a Multichain Crypto Wallet. A Multichain is, in a sense, a cryptocurrency pocket that stores various tokens starting from Bitcoin and Ethereum, ending with the newest editions in the market. It is also a great tool to network with different investors on the platform as it is used by developers, miners, traders, etc. It is worth mentioning that Crypto Wallets are usually divided into two groups hot wallets and cold wallets. Hot Wallets are those once that have some sort of connection to the web; these are once also divided into three types Web Wallets, Desktop Wallets, Mobile App Wallets. Cold Wallets are obviously the ones that are not connected to the network. We are going to mainly examine the Multichain Wallets that operate as mobile apps.


Multichain Crypto Wallet

One of the very first things that need to be established is that Multichian Crypto Wallet does not simply store your assets but rather helps establish new ones by providing tools for them.  To understand better, let’s look at it through an example. Imagine X user wants to buy Bitcoin from the Y user. So, in order to do so, X user creates a wallet immediately after that, the user gets the private key and the public key, then the public key generates the BTC address which the User X shares with the user Y for the exchange to happen. Now user X can share their BTC address for exchanges, yet the user should never disclose their private key as the private key has direct access to their funds. Hence the user X can use their private key to recover their Wallet even if they have lost their phone; also, the private key can be used to create new wallets. Surely, only the basic knowledge is not enough to understand all the great features that are stored in the Multichain Crypto Wallets, so let’s dig deeper and explore it further meanwhile answering your questions.


How do I get real-time crypto prices?

Now, surely one of the very first questions that pop-ups in your mind are how to get the real-time or otherwise said live crypto prices. The easiest answer would be to look at the charts. But we all know that spending all they keeping an eye on the graphs and being constantly alert of the ups and downs of the prices is practically impossible. Knowing this, blockchain development companies have come up with a great solution;  implementing watchlists. Watchlists are different from simple charts. A watchlist is a set of all the cryptocurrencies that you are either following or holding. It does not randomly show all the tokens on the market, only the ones you are interested in. So by just clicking on it, you can see the changes in the price of all the coins that you want to without spending time manifesting the charts.


Is there a live crypto chat

Yet, as much as we wanted to, we cannot do anything without the charts. There are all kinds of tokens; consequently, there are all kinds of charts as well. The basic ones are the 15-minute charts, hourly charts, four-hour charts, and daily charts. Which one of them to choose solely depends on how long you are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies. So, if you want to close your deals as soon as you have opened them, you can turn to the charts that involve short time periods. If you are aiming to be a permanent trader, then the long-term charts can be of good service to you.  One of the other trusted ways of tracking cryptocurrency prices aside from looking into the charts is a market cap. If you notice a stable consistency in the market cap of a certain cryptocurrency, then it is safe to invest in. You can calculate Market Cap by multiplying the number of all coin prices in the chain and multiplying them with the circulating supply.


How do I get Crypto Price Alerts?

So, we can track charts; we can look at Market Cap what other way is there to be aware of the changes. Easily as in any other application in Multichain Crypto Wallets as well there are notifications, and you better turn those ones on. In the majority of the apps, you have the ability to subscribe to your favorite nodes and track miner data in real-time; not only can you also receive alerts about your funds and holdings when they are insufficient, or you have completed a successful transaction. Also, let’s not forget about the existence of the Algo and Trading Bots that send direct notifications to your phone not only when there is a change in the price but also when there is an open sale or exchange taking place in the coins that you are interested in.


How do I track Bitcoin Prices?

If your favorite cryptocurrency is Bitcoin and you are constantly legging behind all the shifts in the chart and missing the opportunities of buying one, you can stop the search for the right article; this section is for you. The solution to this mission impossible is easier than we all think it will be. Obviously, one of the most famous tokens has its own trackers that keep users updated. All you are going to need is a digital portfolio to see the exchanges and hence track the shifts.



If, after reading this article, you are still debating on how to track cryptocurrencies in real-time and don’t know which method to use exactly pick Multichain Crypto Wallets. They are easy to use even for beginners and store not just one but multiply assets. Additionally, you can also create your own Wallet application to reach a wider range of users than via other Dapp applications