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As blockchain services and platforms gain momentum, decentralized applications (DApps) are sure to become more prevalent in the coming years. More and more companies and developers are looking to use these technologies to interact with customers through a decentralized web.

Tron is a famous DApp development company, and before thoroughly examining the project, let’s understand what decentralized applications are.


What Is DApp

What is a DApp, and how is it different from a typical application? A DApp is an application built on a decentralized web that combines a smart contract and an external user interface. From the end consumer’s point of view, decentralized apps should not be very different from typical applications. The most significant difference is that all data and backend are not stored centrally on the server. A DApp is an application that runs without a backend on a decentralized computer system – for example, on a blockchain. Accordingly, the DApp uses the main advantages of the blockchain: transparency, reliability, and data immutability.

Decentralized applications are developed using smart contracts written in particular programming languages.

One of the popular blockchains to develop your DApp is Tron. TRON Dapps are used in various industries such as education, healthcare, logistics, and fintech. Some popular TRON apps are TRONBet, HyperSnakes, TronPoker, RocketGame, and Good Luck Casino.


How To Develop Tron DApp

Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that aims to build a free global digital content entertainment system with distributed storage technology and provide a cost-effective and straightforward digital content exchange. TRON also offers Dapp development services and tools to create and run applications. The TRON decentralized protocol aims to create a worldwide free entertainment network based on a distributed ledger.

The TRON (TRX) algorithm allows users to publish, store freely, and receive data. TRON technology is a distributed storage that helps users access entertainment content from any part of the world without resorting to intermediaries. At the same time, content producers will receive remuneration directly from the audience, depending on their popularity.

The official token of the TRONIX platform was issued on the ERC20 standard. The TRON platform also assumes its TRON20 token standard. With its help, content owners (individuals or groups of individuals) will be able to release their digital assets through the sale freely. They will receive rewards for the production of content.

Preparation for creating Tron application:

  • Carefully study the business necessities and technical components and develop a detailed product roadmap.
  • Develop a technical architecture by creating rich data flow diagrams with specific implementation milestones.
  • Set a deadline for alpha release and beta release.
  • Publish production completion, deploy to mainnet.
  • After the official launch, update from time to time along with the prioritization of backlogs.

Step by step guide for creating a Tron DApp:

  • Smart contracts development must be done using the Solidity language.

The term smart contracts based on TRON refers to developing decentralized networks or DApps powered by the smart contract using Tron blockchain technology. For instance, creating smart contracts for an exchange trading process is called TRON smart contract development.

  • TRONlink must be configured to deploy Tron smart contracts. You need to install the TRONlink Chrome extension. You will need a certain amount of TRX cryptocurrency (about 10,000 TRX). You can use tools such as TronBox, a development environment for deploying smart contracts on the TRON blockchain network.

Tron has its own native cryptocurrency TRX, which is used to integrate smart contracts.

  • Get the node app from GitHub to interact with your smart contracts. Enter your account address and private keys to test smart contract applications and features.
  • Once the blockchain network has validated this feature, all completed transactions can be verified using the Tron blockchain explorer in smart contracts. The Tron Dapp will then be deployed to the Tron testnet soon.

Tron tools for creating DApps:

  • TRON Box – It compiles all available smart contracts on Tron DApp platforms and configures the whole project to declare your full node.
  • TRON Grid provides an API (application programming interface) for the TRON network. This gives developers access to essential tools for developing TRON open protocol applications.
  • TRON Web is a Javascript-enabled API that holds an object in your Dapp developed with an Ethereum Web 3.0 implementation.
  • TRON Station – This is a web framework and Javascript API library with a simple user interface for calculating the power consumption and bandwidth used on the TRON network.

Benefits Of TRON Blockchain DApps Development

The rapid growth of smart contracts is obliged by the development of cryptocurrency. Moreover, Ethereum works best. This is one of the few platforms that enable you to create your own smart contracts. The main benefits of smart contracts:

  • No presence of intermediaries

The elimination of intermediaries makes the process much simpler and faster. Everything follows the pre-written code.

  • Safety and confidentiality

Smart contract development on blockchain is encrypted and ensures safety.

  • Speed

The use of blockchain smart contracts makes automated transactions once the conditions are matched, significantly scrambling up the process of completing the trade.

  • Legal regulation

There are no laws that mainly could regulate the relationship based on the blockchain smart contracts. Cryptocurrency exchanges are mostly known for their easy international trade without the barrier of boundaries.

  • Massive Scalability

The operating protocol cluster accredits the DApps to seamlessly expedite tremendous workloads and establish high rates of healthy business growth.

  • High Storage 

The presence of LevelD and KhaosDB modules amplifies the storage capabilities of the decentralized apps, superimposing their sturdiness.

  • EVM Compatibility

TRON Virtual Machine can also be used to operate Ethereum Virtual Machine smart contracts.

Multiple Language Development

Mobilizing the regulations of Google Protobuf, the TRON DApps support codes generated using a legion of significant languages like Java, Python, Objective C, C++, etc.

If you plan to develop your decentralized application, we got you. Exio.Tech is a Tron Dapps development solutions provider with a comprehensive background and outstanding technical abilities in the blockchain sphere. Our DApp developers can create and provide Tron DApp with customized design and offer a Whitelabel product.



  • What is TRON dApp?

TRON Dapps are applications used in different industries such as education, healthcare, logistics, and fintech. TRON-based DApps can handle 2000 transactions per second, which has surpassed Ethereum and Bitcoin.

  • How many DApps does TRON have?

In 2020, TRON-based dApps broke new records and averaged over 100,000 daily active users. One thousand four hundred dApps have now been created on the TRON network, with over $12 million daily transaction volume.

  • How do you make TRON dApp?

Building Tron DApp is not so hard if you know some basic tools. You can also contact Exio.Tech for developing your decentralized application.

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