Building a DeFi Protocol Combine.Finance for Swapping Tokens

With the help of, BNBCircle created a fully decentralized protocol on Binance Smart Chain

About the Client

Industry: De-Fi 

 Client since: 2020

BNBCircle is a decentralized Smart Contract built on top of Binance Smart Chain. It provides crowdfunding opportunities based on the International Crowd Funding program. BNBCircle uses a peer to peer support model working according to the underlying algorithms, which ensures fair and transparent transactions. The project is community-driven

The problem

The client needed to develop a secure decentralized exchange platform with its native token

The client needed to develop an exchange platform.The goal was to make a simple interface product that would have high functionality.

The task was given to our team, and we started the project.

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Choosing the right technology stack to power a seamless user experience

Exio team members started with an analysis of the market and the main goals of the client. The team aimed to give the best solutions for this project.Our team created smart contracts for the client and used React.js for the frontend development.

The project operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It gives the platform a bunch of opportunities, ensures security and functionality. The interface design was created considering brand colors and the practical details of the project.

The fruitful partnership had good results. The Exio team presented to the client a user-friendly and well-functioning platform.

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