Building the Next-Generation Multi Chain Crypto Wallet Oracle

How helped Oracle to create a secure all-in-one crypto wallet with responsive interface

About the Client

Industry: De-Fi 

 Client since: 2020

Oracle is an all-in-one multichain crypto wallet that supports over 5000 digital assets

The problem

The client’s aim was to build a secure multichain cryptocurrency wallet interacting with UniSwap and various other dapps

The envisioned product needed to be easily used both by advanced users and by beginners. 
Among the initial goals was to offer a wallet that would support over 5000 coins and tokens running on Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, and EtherLite.
The client  intended to develop a mobile app for both iOS and Android. It would power fast transactions and give users full control over their funds.  

For the development of the crypto wallet from scratch, Oracle turned to They needed to cooperate with an experienced company to manage the product’s development, launch and further maintenance.

Multi Chain Crypto Wallet Oracle Development Company


Industry-leading techniques and Agile software development

First, we set the Oracle Wallet’s functionality and development strategy.

Our team of engineers and designers provided their in-depth knowledge and experience to create a multichain wallet that would attract people with its interface, security, and fast transactions. 

We used Kotlin and Swift for developing Android and iOS apps respectively. The cryptography was done in local devices with the code and blockchain nodes’ interaction. To connect to various blockchain networks, we used Web 3.0. 

As an outcome of solution architecture, data structure, and design, our team presented a market-ready product in the given timeline, ensuring its successful launch.

Oracle’s partnership with Exio continues. There will be upgrades and new features regularly.

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Building the Next-Generation Multi Chain Crypto Wallet Oracle

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“ The team was able to launch the software within a couple of weeks with full functionality. The product received great feedback from first users so preatty happy with the services provided. ”
Francis Vale
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