Development and Support of TacoSwap DEX With its Native Token

With the help of, BNBCircle created a fully decentralized protocol on Binance Smart Chain

About the Client

Industry: De-Fi 

 Client since: 2020

BNBCircle is a decentralized Smart Contract built on top of Binance Smart Chain. It provides crowdfunding opportunities based on the International Crowd Funding program. BNBCircle uses a peer to peer support model working according to the underlying algorithms, which ensures fair and transparent transactions. The project is community-driven

The problem

The client intended to create a DEX protocol with yield farming option

The goal of TacoSwap was to launch an Ethereum-based platform that would allow trading, staking, yield farming, and governance by its native token TACO. 

TacoSwap took SushiSwap’s liquidity-focused strategy with the mission to add new features and integrate the DEX into the Defi and CeFi space.

The planned platform would allow rewards for staking with higher payout rates, as well as fiat on-ramp and off-ramp exchanges. To carry out the development and launch of the DEX, the project’s founders needed a DeFi-focused tech company with extensive experience.


Creating an Ethereum-based protocol that empowers farming, rewards, TVL calculations, protocol governance, etc.

Starting to build the DEX and its native token from scratch, Exio team carried out market research, planning, design, implementation and deployment of the project. 

We used Solidity for writing smart contracts, and Web 3.0 for interacting with blockchain. The frontend was created through React.js and combined with responsive UI solutions.

After completing the project, our team reviewed the entire work in detail and presented the ready-to-launch product to the client. provides the maintenance and future upgrades of the platform as well.

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