Development of the Sloto Wheel in Collaboration With Sloto Casino

With the help of, BNBCircle created a fully decentralized protocol on Binance Smart Chain

About the Client

Industry: De-Fi 

 Client since: 2020

BNBCircle is a decentralized Smart Contract built on top of Binance Smart Chain. It provides crowdfunding opportunities based on the International Crowd Funding program. BNBCircle uses a peer to peer support model working according to the underlying algorithms, which ensures fair and transparent transactions. The project is community-driven

The problem

The client aimed to create Sloto Wheel, a prediction game based on the principle of the spinning wheel

The client aimed to make a platform that includes three types of games. One of them is the Sloto Wheel – a prediction game based on the principle of the spinning wheel. Sloto Casino underlined the importance of the security and fairness of the product.

Exio.Tech and Sloto Casino began a partnership to bring all the concepts to life and create a product that matches all the needs.

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After analyzing the project’s goals, Exio developed a way of implementing them efficiently and created a customized gaming platform.

It was a full-cycle development that included pre-launch testing, prototype development, QA, and so on. All the games of Sloto Casino are integrated on Etherlite blockchain as it can provide the required level of security and scalability.

The design of the product is well-structured and very user-friendly. It was formed so that even newbies will get how to start interacting with the platform.The frontend development was made with React.js, and Web3 was chosen to interact with smart contracts.

Both sides are very satisfied with the partnership. Exio team did their best to make a high-quality product for the client.

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