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With the help of Exio.tech, BNBCircle created a fully decentralized protocol on Binance Smart Chain

About the Client

Industry: De-Fi 

 Client since: 2020

BNBCircle is a decentralized Smart Contract built on top of Binance Smart Chain. It provides crowdfunding opportunities based on the International Crowd Funding program. BNBCircle uses a peer to peer support model working according to the underlying algorithms, which ensures fair and transparent transactions. The project is community-driven

The problem

DeFi startup Xdef Finance was looking for a development company to create a dashboard for the protocol

Synthetic Elastic Index Fund, Xdef Finance needed to create an interface through which users would be able to see recent updates of the platform and its native token xDEF. The dashboard would be the key to the ecosystem’s data, displaying information on xDEF’s actual and target prices, rebase log, DeFi TVL, upcoming adjustments, the factor of rebase, circulating supply, total staked tokens and so on. 

The Xdef team had already developed smart contracts and needed a tech partner to create the frontend and make it interact with blockchain.  

To realize the idea of a smoothly working dashboard, the DeFi company  turned to Exio.tech. 

XDEF Crpyto Dashboard Development Company | XDEF Crpyto Dashboard Development Services


Frontend development with system integration, advanced analytics tools and user friendly design

The Exio team joined the development process, helping to finalise it. While creating the project’s workflow, we focused on delivering a quality product on time and on budget. 

For this purpose, our team used an advanced and the most suitable technology stack for the project. We built the frontend with React and used Web3 to interact with smart contracts

Creating the design of the dashboard, our product designers made sure that it’s user-friendly and displays data in a well-structured way. 

At the final stage of development, the Exio team carried out code testing, user acceptance testing, review, and deployment. 

As a result of productive cooperation, we presented the clients a product matching their business objectives. 

Now the dashboard is an essential part of the Xdef ecosystem, allowing users to access the protrocol’s insights easily.

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