Decentralized Casino Software Solution

Co-create your crypto casino success with our technical expertise and Agile development methodologies. 

We Will Help You

Estimate your idea

We will discuss your requirements and product vision to offer the most suitable gaming software solutions. Our team implements deep market research and estimates the time/budget resources needed to bring projects to life.

Create a development process blueprint

Our team will help you outline the project building architecture and technology stack. In this stage, we will work together to decide the features of the gambling platform and ways to manage development risks.

Build thoughtful design and security solutions

Cooperating with us, you will launch a crypto gambling platform with an eye-catching design and solid security. Our team will help you provide value to users and earn trust.

Develop a cryptocurrency wallet for your platform

According to your casino platform business model, we will create a specially designed wallet that will support cryptocurrencies from various blockchains, serving as a fast, secure, and user-friendly payment solution. Gamblers will use the wallet to deposit, withdraw and store their funds.

Achieve your goals faster

Focused on your business needs and goals, we will provide development speed to help you launch faster, present a quality crypto online casino, exceed the competition and increase your ROI.

Support post-launch growth

We will provide integration and maintenance continuously to help you stay ahead of the curve. With our services, you will be able to keep up with the growing crypto gambling industry.

Launch Your Web3 Casino in Shortest Terms with Our Ready Solutions!

Main Features

We will help you address complex business problems with technology solutions

Absolutely Decentralised

Based absolutely on smart contracts on the backend, our casino solutions guarantee fair gaming for both sides.

Metamask Integration

No login, no KYC - users will just need to connect their Metamask wallets to get started, while more wallets are expected soon.

Innovative Design

Constantly keeping in connection with you, our talented team of designers will redesign a solution to fit your branding.

Responsive Design

Integrating well with interfaces of desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, our casino solutions will entertain your customers everywhere.

Constant Vendor Growth

We will continuously increase the number of our blockchain games, as well as add new platform features and functionalities.

Guaranteed Income

Web3 technology makes gambling fair, enjoyable and at the same time guarantees income for the company on the long term.

Customization Opportunities

Our development team working on the solution is always available to add more features or customize the game according to your needs.

One Month Free Support

After deploying the casino solution, we will provide one month free of charge support to make sure all the processes are smooth.

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What Will You Get

Getting Web3 Casino Solution from us, you will have a brand new designed, responsive and modern platform that works based only on smart contracts and operates on an EVM compatible blockchain network you choose. Our platforms come with 4 in-house games we build and have ERC20 token that we will also create for you!

Users will be able to play just by connecting their MetaMask wallets to the platform using any ERC20 token. No login and no KYC approach will decrease your exit rate and remove an additional barrier to playing on your platform

Later on, your casino can be armed with more games built by us and by third-party providers. In addition, we can add Prize Pools, along with Staking and Farming opportunities. No doubt, with us, you can create a blockchain casino that will disrupt traditional gaming!

How We Work

We know that you are in a hurry. So, our team has found a way to deliver a platform in the shortest terms while keeping the high-quality standards we have.

Week 1
Discussion Stage
Once you get in contact with us, we will start to gather requirements, features and functionalities needed for your casino platform. Based on that information, we will suggest the best fit solution we can provide. Once we agree on the project scope, we will be able to estimate timeline and price for the first milestone.However, we always suggest to start with our basic package for MVP launch - later we can provide a Scrum team for continuous development !
Week 1
Week 2
Design & Smart Contract Customization
After coming to an agreement on the business side, we will immediately begin to work on your casino platform.

The first thing will be designing the UI taking into consideration your requirements and your brand book.

Not to waste your time, we will start to customize the smart contracts simultaneously.
Week 2
Week 3 and 4
Front-end Development
Optimally, we will build the design and get your approval within a week. It may take a little longer depending on the project, but we always use the latest technologies to develop the front-end.

In the first two weeks of our collaboration, we will make sure that you get a fancy crypto casino platform that users will love.
Week 3 and 4
Week 5
Debug and Deployment
The last stage of each milestone is the debug and deployment. Our quality assurance and smart contract audit teams will check the whole platform making sure you get secure and high quality product.

After launching the platform, you will have a one month free of charge technical support service!
Week 5


Progressive web3 casino solutions is a technology company that reinvents gaming using web3 technologies. We create progressive crypto online casinos based on a security-first approach and modern technologies.

Effective collaboration

Through shared development responsibility and lean principles, we create a product that meets your requirements.

Sustainable development

Due to future-proof software solutions along with productive workflows, we deliver lasting outcomes that present added value.


Demand for crypto games has been rising along with the boom of cryptocurrencies. According to research by, the number of crypto gambling users have surged; in the US by around 536.96%, in the U.K. by 615.09%, in India by 490%, in Canada by 748.98% and in Germany by 1021.43%.

Since the launch of the first crypto gambling platform, Satoshi Dice, created in 2012, the industry has seen essential growth. The apparent advantages make people interested. As a result, more and more crypto games enter the market every day offering different solutions.

Crypto has a large part in the gaming industry, which is getting bigger. The industry makes progress at a fast rate and experts say the odds of blockchain being the future of casinos are high.

As per a report by Research and Markets, the online gambling market is supposed to surpass $97 bln by 2025, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.31%. As of 2020, the market estimation was about $57.1 billion. The report states crypto is one of the key drivers of market growth.

Crypto online games fall into three main categories: crypto casinos, crypto betting and crypto poker. Popular blockchain-based casino platforms are slot games, table games, table games, etc.

Every bitcoin casino solution relies on blockchain and delivers a provably fair gaming environment. It is achieved by random number generation based on algorithms and smart contracts that power the system.

Games can support various cryptocurrencies based on their structure.

Game providers establish a payment system that decides what deposits are accepted. Currently, the most used cryptos are BTC and Ether.

A player will need a crypto wallet to carry out transactions. According to its gambling software solutions, a crypto online casino can offer its bonus system.

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