DApp Development

Understanding your business goals and the product vision, we will carry out the development process, regardless of complexity challenges. Due to the agility of our work, we ensure fast delivery, also providing maintenance and further upgrades.

We Will Help You

Turn your business idea into reality

With us, you will be able to convert your breakthrough ideas into tangible results. Adopting a product-based development strategy, we create dapps that easily find their way to the market, getting ahead in the competition.

Create dapps with responsive design

As an outcome of our collaboration, your dapp will have a responsive, engaging design. We will help you to offer the users of your product an interactive interface with easy navigation.

Test Your Concept With Ease

Being a company focused on blockchain technology and innovations, we direct our comprehensive knowledge to use the most efficient software solutions for your business concept testing.Our team will help you to create the MVP version of the dapp and upgrade it according to users' responses and market trends.

Launch fast

We understand how important it is to act fast in the rapidly growing market of blockchain and decentralized applications. So, trusting us, you will get a ready-to-launch product within the required timeframe.

Have a Competitive Product

For us, it's not only important to launch fast but to create products that users will value for seamless functionality and useful features.To help you get ahead of competitors, we carry out deep market analysis, identify the client base, and perform development and testing in detail.

Focus on Business Part

Partnering with us, you can concentrate on promoting your ideas, while we will take care of code building and covering the technical part.

Reach out to discuss your DApp idea and convert it into reality


Dapps are applications powered by blockchain technology.Their creation started due to smart contract innovation. Ethereum was the first blockchain network that made this possible.

Decentralized tools and services can apply to different online industries such as gaming, trading, social media, etc. Among popular types of dapps are NFT platforms, DEXes, lending and borrowing protocols, crypto wallets, and provably fair online casinos.

One of the primary benefits of decentralized applications is that relying on distributed ledger technology and smart contracts, they are trustless and don't need any central authority to control.

Decentralized applications are peer-to-peer networks that create an open-source software ecosystem opening more opportunities for developers.

Blockchain technology also allows high security. As data stored on blockchain is immutable, no one can change it which prevents cyber attacks.

In contrast with regular applications where the backend code is running on centralized servers, dapps have their backend code (smart contracts) running on a decentralized network.

Dapps use the Ethereum blockchain for data storage and smart contracts for the program logic. Following the written logic allows decentralization as there is no need for any middlemen to control the system.

Dapp creation includes front end user interface and smart contract development. So, the first step after envisioning the product, will be choosing the development stack according to the specialties of the project.

For instance, to create a cryptocurrency, the initiators of the idea will need to choose a consensus mechanism such as Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Capacity or other. Then they will need to decide which blockchain they will use for the development, and so on.

Once a dapp is deployed on the blockchain it's not possible to change the smart contract, meaning the logic.

Why Exio.Tech?

Full-stack development services

We carry out the entire development process of the product from the beginning through the testing and launch.

Future proof decentralized applications

The team at Exio.tech develops decentralized apps that are compatible with other technologies and are easily updated as the industry evolves.

Customer success score

Understanding business needs of our clients and realizing their ideas into reality is our priority, which is the reason why our business customers quickly become long-term partners.FAQ

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