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Kickstart the development process of your decentralized exchange with nimble solutions provided by us. Cooperating with our team, you will de-risk your software project and set it up for success.

We Will Help You

Analyze and Validate Your Requirements

Exploring your requirements for a decentralized exchange platform development, we will help you find tech solutions and plan the project so that it will last and increase your ROI. We provide smart contract and blockchain development with reduced operational costs and maximized security.

Manage Your Time-Critical Project

We ensure maximized productivity by leveraging Agile development methodologies and quickly responding to your requests. Working with us, you can achieve project milestones and meet your timelines.

Craft Advanced Decentralized Platforms

The Exio.Tech team will help you choose the right technology stack and power a seamless user experience. We build decentralized exchanges with all the basic and advanced features that our clients have in their minds.

Hit Your Project Targets

Our development company provides seasoned solutions and innovations to help you hit your targets on your way to creating a crypto exchange platform. We build products that are valuable and future-proof.

Level up Your Product Features

While new crypto exchanges keep appearing on the market repeatedly, upgrading your trading platform to stay competitive and expand your customer base is essential. Our company will make sure that these processes are accomplished.

Start a DEX Platform with AMM Based on Turnkey Solution

Main Features


Exio.Tech is here to provide you with next-gen quality solutions

Atomic Trading

Platforms allow trading against the pool of tokens instead of trading between one other.

Free Support

We guarantee a month free of charge support, so you can always be confident.

Fast Processing

Smart contracts dictate automated trading. Users don’t need to wait for someone to place an offer.

Fair Prices

The prices inside the pool are determined mathematically. This helps to keep traders away from unfair prices..

Large Scope Trading

No need to find traders or offers that match; users can still be engaged in regular fast trading.

High Liquidity

The amount of assets in a pool constantly increases due to incentivization for liquidity providers and vice versa.

Attractive Solution

DEX platforms attract many new users due to a high-level user flow and security.


We develop DEX (AMM) Platforms according to your business and tailored to your customers' needs.

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What Will You Get

Exio.Tech develops a DEX (AMM) Platform taking into account the market’s needs and tailoring them to your end-users. You will get an outstanding turnkey solution your users will definitely love.

During the past years, DEX platforms have become one of the most popular types of decentralized apps due to the ability to involve more and more traders, allowing them to execute direct trades without any third party. With Exio.Tech’s development services, you will get a fancy platform that opens large trading opportunities and a fully designed UI perfect for experienced and newbie traders.

We develop unique solutions in the shortest possible periods keeping them more than cost-effective. Moreover, you can take advantage of one month-free support period and keep collaborating with us at any stage of your business development.

How We Work

We know that you are in a hurry. So, our team has found a way to deliver a platform in the shortest terms while keeping the high-quality standards we have.

Week 1
Getting The Agreement
The first milestone is a complete understanding of your requirements. Once you provide us with your idea, we will offer you the most suitable solution for your business.

As soon as we reach an agreement, you will be provided with a roadmap with clear deadlines and a step-by-step action plan. Since then, our scrum master will work with you so that you can be sure about high-quality results.
Week 1
Week 2
Design and Interface
The first step is mapping out the UI of the future project so you can see what the DEX Platform will look like. Providing a unique and outstanding interface is a must for us. We take into consideration all your requirements and brand book.

Week 2
Week 3 and 4
Development and Smart Contracts
We always use the latest technologies and trends while developing the back-end. It’s the longest process and may vary depending on the project.

All Exio.Tech's solutions go through multiple tests and security checks. During the first two weeks, your product will be almost ready and you can have a complete image of the future platform.
Week 3 and 4
Week 5
Debug and Deployment
Our QA and smart contract audit teams will check the whole platform to ensure that the solutions work smoothly.

We offer one month of free support. We will always be here for you if you need more of our assistance!
Week 5

Why Exio.Tech?

Seasoned Development Team

We will offer reliable and forward-looking solutions by delivering several years of experience in developing various blockchain projects and constantly adopting technology innovations.


The software engineering services that we provide combine the benefits of DevOps practices and Agile project management. We share your development goals and hold improved communication along with accountability.

Secure Crypto Trading Platforms

Cooperating with us, you will be able to offer your customers an advanced crypto trading platform with first-grade security.


A cryptocurrency exchange is a trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Users can access these platforms through a digital asset wallet or their bank accounts, depending on the type and management system of the platform.

There are three types of crypto exchanges:

-decentralized crypto exchange (DEX)
-centralized crypto exchange (CEX)
-hybrid crypto exchange (HEX)

A hybrid cryptocurrency exchange has common features with centralized and decentralized platforms.

One of the most crucial differences between centralized and decentralized exchanges is the way of ownership. A centralized exchange relies on a private framework to match supply and demand through its servers.

Among popular CEXes are Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken.
On the other hand, a DEX connects buyers and sellers, usually via an order book. Most DEXes are permissionless and enable users to access without intermediaries.

A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a cryptocurrency exchange based on the P2P crypto transaction model, and it allows transactions without the control of the central authority.
Among popular DEXes are UniSwap, 1inch Exchange, Pancake Swap, dYdX, and others.
Centralized and decentralized exchanges also differ by providing anonymity options, fees, and liquidity management ways.

A decentralized crypto exchange platform works without the need for intermediaries. Operations are powered by blockchain and smart contract execution.
Users maintain full control over their cryptocurrencies throughout the trading process without third-party involvement.

Atomic swaps, otherwise called atomic cross-chain trading, are smart contracts that enable two parties to trade tokens from different blockchains. The system preserves the self-decisions of crypto users and eliminates counterparty risks as there is no need for users to know one another.
This type of exchange is considered to be one of the truly decentralized cryptocurrency trading techniques.

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