DEX Listing Bot

Build an advanced crypto trading tool with robust algorithms through our DEX listing bot development services.

We Will Help You

Track smart contract addresses

We create secure bots that connect to different chains and fetch data accurately. As each smart contract has an address, tracking will allow the bot to analyze activities and respond according to the written code.

Access liquidity pools

Deploying a smart contract on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) or other networks, we input instructions, following which the bot carries out real-time monitoring of a liquidity pool. When new tokens are listed it gets notified.

Trade newly listed tokens

Based on the written logic, the bot reacts when the liquidity of a decentralized exchange increases. It swaps and trades tokens automatically to make a profit. The trader just needs to connect a wallet.

Allocate risk

We will help you to develop a strategy of how to identify and mitigate trading risks. Then we will transform the rules into a code, forming orders such as stop loss or limit order. Thus, the bot will distribute risk and minimize losses.

Achieve a high speed of execution

Providing our extensive experience, we will help you to develop a bot that responds to the market changes instantly, executing complex strategies such as cryptocurrency arbitrage trading across decentralized exchanges.

Get a progressive tool that performs intelligent trading


The instruments through which a trading bot fetches data are different depending on the DeFi platform the owner wants to connect and development preferences.

Many decentralized networks, including UniSwap and Aave, use open APIs called subgraphs. There are other APIs as well.

It's also possible to read the events directly from the blockchain through web3Js.

Due to high-frequency trading, DEX listing bots acquire newly added assets, that have potential to increase in price. They work following the strategy built by developers. To launch a profitable bot, it's necessary to create a well thought strategy, carry out back tests, and manage risks. The bot needs to function seamlessly, and accurately.

Usually, after cross-listing, the price of a cryptocurrency grows along with trading volume as a result of network growth. Investors who buy tokens at early stages have more chance to get returns.

Just a glance at the charts is essential to see how cryptocurrencies grow after cross-listings.

Among the common strategies that crypto traders use are day trading, buying and selling tokens by identifying their range of ups and downs, momentum trading, acting based on news, long-term investments, etc.

There are a lot of other strategies including hybrid and complex solutions. It's possible to practice these strategies on various decentralized and centralized exchanges.


Specialized in the DeFi industry

Being keen on intelligent trading and having vast experience in FinTech and DeFi development, we will offer you versatile strategies that will bring you profit.

Creating high-performance bots

Due to the choice of the right development stack and programming techniques, we make sure that the bot reacts fast and maximizes returns.

Driving efficiency

Building intelligent algorithms and custom features, we create bots that fit to any trading goal, and deliver value.

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