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Develop a competitive crypto-based casino

Following the latest trends in the crypto gaming industry, our team creates decentralized casino games that are secure, engaging, and run smoothly.With our help launch a product, due to which you will always stay ahead of the curve.

Choose the blockchain environment for the product

According to your business preferences, game developers at will create a Flip game on top of Ethereum, Etherlite, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and other blockchains.Our services also include building a native crypto token for the platform and setting its tokenomics.

Provide gamers advanced casino features

Along with the main feature of crypto casino games which is delivering a blockchain-based decentralized gaming environment, and fair gambling, we add progressive features such as multicurrency support and playing rewards according to your business objectives.

Build engaging visualization

Through frontend programming languages such as Vue.js, React.js, and responsible design solutions, we create a user-friendly interface that makes playing easy and entertaining. Thus, gamers will want to come back to play again and again.

Manage operational bottlenecks

Cooperating with us, you will be able to meet deadlines successfully in a budget-friendly way. We share the project vision and goals of our clients and manage our working process so that it even exceeds their expectations.

Present web and mobile versions of the game

We develop both web-based platforms and mobile crypto casino game apps. Our services include product ideation through launch and sustenance.

Launch your blockchain gambling platform with trustful partner!


The Flip game is mostly developed as a market simulator for traders. This means the program or app is created to duplicate some or all features of a live market. It allows players to practice buying and selling without taking real financial risks.

Being one of the most popular games built on blockchain, it's concept is taken from head or tails. Playing flip a coin can help to pick what cryptocurrency to invest in.

The flip game shouldn't be confused with Gameflip, a marketplace for various games founded by a Silicon Valley venture capital.

It allows users to trade different digital goods. The platform has its in-built currency, Flip token through which transacting digital goods from smart contracts. The total supply of Flip will be capped at 100 million tokens.

Flipping tokens and getting rewards in provably fair crypto gambling becomes possible due to blockchain technology and smart contracts. Game developers use Solidity and other programming languages to make the game secure through hashing. Hashing each server seed prevents anyone from accessing the seed value that defines the results. The server seed is encrypted from the player during the verification process as well.

Deciphering a hashed server seed is virtually impossible.

To maximize the number of users it's important to consider their needs by carrying out market analysis. Tracking data and studying player behaviour are essential.

Flip game's ecosystem allows trading bitcoin, eth, and other altcoins without real risks. Thus, players can buy and sell digital goods, and get rewards in fiat or in digital assets.

Many believe that blockchain is the future of the gaming industry as it has benefits both for game publishers and players.

Blockchain makes it possible to create smart contracts and ensure betting fairness and security.

Given the fact that the work of decentralized gambling platforms is based on algorithms, there is no way that somebody will control the process of winning or losing. Various platforms, including mobile apps, allow playing using BTC, Eth and other cryptocurrencies along with fiat money.

Gaming companies can use crypto tokens to reward gamers or allow them to participate in governance, thus connecting players with the game, making the latter more engaging.

While choosing a platform for playing crypto games it's essential to review its features and what tokens are supported.

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Problem solving

Our comprehensive industry knowledge along with continuous innovation study and trend adoption helps us to find technology solutions to the most complex software situations.

Adaptive workflow

Using customized agile development, our company manages the working process to meet your project needs. Due to proven approaches, we have gained long-time partners from around the world.

Engaging casino platforms

We know how to combine the right technical solutions with an interactive interface to make the platform engaging and secure.

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