Governance Tokens (DAO)

Leverage Agile development and the latest technologies to create a secure governance token. We will help you to build a competitive product and deliver value to users.

We Will Help You

Build a native token for your crypto platform

With our help, you will be able to build a reliable governance token for your blockchain project. Our experts will deliver their profound knowledge and experience to make it easier for you to define the token's parameters that will attract users and boost your business.

Use budget-friendly and effective solutions

Based on structured development architecture, we help our clients to bring their products to the market faster, also cutting operational costs. We aim to help you launch an innovative token that will stand out in the rapidly evolving industry.

Create a multichain token wallet

We will help you to create a modern crypto wallet that will make the token promotion easier by holding a unique user flow. To get data from blockchains we mainly use Web3.

Manage the token airdrop

Sending some amount of the created cryptocurrency to addresses or wallets will raise awareness about the project and attract more users. With our innovative solutions, the airdrop will reach its goal.

Achieve long-term business success

We will help you to launch a governance token that will stand out in the market due to its functional and technical parameters. Thus, you will increase your ROI and grow your business.

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What We Do.

Researching your business concept and the vision of the future token, we'll help you to define the metrics such as the purpose of the token, its supply, use cases, technical parameters, and distribution method.

We create tokens on various blockchains. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, and Polygon are the most used platforms for token development by us. However, the options aren't limited.

By carrying out multistage testing and quality assurance, we deliver secure tokens that will function seamlessly. We align our development services with your timeline to help you manage the product's launch to the market in the shortest possible time.


A governance token allows its holder to take part in managing a cryptocurrency platform. Generally the more tokens you hold the stronger voice you have.

At the launch, some percentage of these tokens is usually distributed to future decision-makers. People also can acquire them from crypto exchanges. According to the set features, governance tokens can allow holders to propose, discuss, and make changes to a project in a decentralized way, without relying on or requiring the project team. In addition, token holders can use the units to delegate voting rights to other users, experts, and even applications.

Governance tokens run according to smart contracts written by developers. During the token building process, engineers write a code that will enable users to stake. This means holders will be required to deposit their tokens to vote on dynamic parameters, like fees of a decentralized exchange.

Afterward, the decisions taken by the community are reflected on the governance platform's smart contract. There is a time delay before the changes in the system, so the token holders and investors who are against the approved decisions could leave the protocol and assets. Time delay is also essential for security matters.

Every platform is unique and is managed differently. Some governance protocols offer token holders rewards, some allow putting forward their suggestions.

Among leading decentralized finance governance tokens are COMP, UNI, AAVE, Maker (MKR) (YFI).

COMP is the in-built token of the popular DeFi lending and borrowing protocol Compound, which allows the holders to participate in governance and get rewards. Uniswap is a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) and AMM. Aave is a protocol that provides options for lending, borrowing and gaining interest in crypto without intermediaries. Its governance token is AAVE.

Maker (MKR) enables the issuance and management of the DAI stablecoin. It is the governance token functioning in Maker DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and Maker protocol.

Presenting the users of your blockchain project an opportunity to participate in decision-making can be beneficial for your business growth. Being aware of the community opinion will help you to build a platform that will attract more users.

Why Exio.Tech?

Secure DeFi projects

Our specialists carry out the development, testing, and quality assurance process so that there won't be any smart contract or technical risks.

Extensive experience

Having several years' experience in developing DeFi applications, cryptocurrencies, and other projects, we will help you to create a synthetic assets development platform that accurately tracks the value of an underlying asset, manages supply, trading, debt, and other operations.

Fast delivery

Due to efficient operational workflow management, our team handles challenging deadlines and presents products that fully correspond to the requirements of our clients.

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