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Convert your idea of a next-generation crypto hybrid exchange development into reality. The Exio.tech team is ready to cope with any complex issue of the development process.

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Build a project outline

After a deep market analysis and study of the project's goals and perspectives, we map the development process in detail.Our specialists use their extensive experience to help our clients validate their ideas and launch products that will increase their ROI.

Develop a highly secure platform

Presenting quality hybrid crypto exchanges that run smoothly without any defects, bugs and logic flaws is our priority. So, we carry out detailed testing and quality assurance to make sure that the code is perfect.

Create value for customers

We will help you to deliver a positive user experience. The cryptocurrency exchanges we create combine intuitive design and technically advanced solutions.

Deliver advanced platform features

Using Web 3, APIs and other forms of advanced technology, we create advanced data analytics platforms. Thus, using your hybrid crypto exchange platform, people can access market insights and real-time analytics.

Launch the product and keep it up to date

Our development services include building the product from scratch, supporting its launch, and providing further upgrades. As technology never stops advancing, we help our clients to stay in the loop.

Turn your intangible idea into a real product


A hybrid cryptocurrency exchange (HEX) is a combination of centralized and decentralized exchanges.

These platforms offer crypto traders the features of escrow control, liquidity management, creation of digital assets' atomic swap exchange.

Hybrid exchanges bring together the liquidity and functionality of CEX and security and privacy of DEX.

Among the main features of hybrid, crypto exchanges are the escrow method, high-speed transactions, and atomic swaps. Escrow services based on smart contracts ensure the security of activities. The system allows operations only when certain conditions are met. A hybrid cryptocurrency trading platform delivers anonymous, fast and secure transactions. The option of atomic swaps allows peer to peer transactions. Activities are powered by a smart contract and don't require a third-party presence.

To create a crypto bank and lead the business successfully, it's essential to have a clear roadmap. There are several steps to accomplish; define a strategy for how you're going to win, get familiar with the business, regulatory, and market risks, set up the structure of payments, settlements, custody, and lending.

Another significant step will be building a prototype.

Finding a tech partner, which will support in-depth insights around the industry is crucial.

The crypto sector continues to innovate. From the first system of P2P transactions to hundreds of exchanges with different features, the market continues to grow.

Hybrid crypto exchanges were created to combine the benefits of centralized and decentralized crypto trading platforms. Being the latest type of crypto trading platform, they continue to evolve rapidly. Many industry executives find that hybrid crypto exchanges can become the future of crypto.

Why Exio.tech?

Platform Development Expertise

Our team has extensive experience in developing hybrid cryptocurrency exchanges. Through years of work and improvement, we have mastered the art of creating products that are competitive and attractive for crypto traders.

Rapid Workflow

Due to the agility of our working process, you will be able to launch your product fast and make difference in the market.

All-Inclusive Development Solutions

The hybrid cryptocurrency exchange development services we offer include providing support, regardless of the project's stage.

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