Decentrolized Keno Game Software Development

If you want to develop a keno casino that offers players positive gaming experience, you’re in the right place. With our customizable and flexible game development services, achieving your business goals and creating provably fair entertainment platform will be fast and efficient.

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Realize your game design concept

Your Keno game software comes with a user-friendly interface that is quite easy to navigate for your users and will keep your audience engaged with the platform. The casino game will be implemented with the most advanced and graphical solutions, innovative design, intuitive UI/UX, and will be fully customizable.

Have desktop and mobile versions

Your Keno game software will be highly desktop and mobile responsive and thus proves to be a convenient option for your targeted users. This exclusive Keno game solution will help you to engage more count of the audience for your online casino business.

Ensure secure transactions

Your online Keno game solution will enable your users to carry out highly secure and rapid crypto transactions without facing any issues. It ensures complete data privacy of the players and safer online payments.

Get random number generator

Reliable random number generators, pari-mutuels, and progressives will be integrated into your Keno game and the outcome of the game will be 100% random. Keno game software supports pari-mutuel thereby enabling your players to get better winning odds.

Get major cryptocurrencies support

Your Keno software will enable your players to do transactions in their desired cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, ADA, and many more with high-speed deposit and withdrawal function.

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Casino gaming platforms powered by blockchain technology, work according to smart contracts and algorithms. They provide a provably fair gambling experience. Players can be sure that everything is fair and square as the open-source nature allows reviewing all data.

Keno or Chinese lottery was created in the 19th century. It came to the casinos of Nevada under the name Race-Horse Keno, with names of horses rather than numbers on the tickets. The purpose was to avoid conflicts with the states law.

Now Keno is one of the most popular betting games. Bitcoin's launch in 2009 and the evolution of blockchain opened a new page for Keno and the gaming industry as a whole.

Crypto casinos are transparent, secure and provide privacy. Online gaming platforms based on blockchain are more reliable as they store data not through a centralized server, but across multiple computers known as nodes.

Both, Keno and Bing are lottery games, where the results depend on randomly generated numbers by algorithms. There are not special skills needed to play. However, these two games have some differences.

Keno offers higher returns, as players pick their own numbers from 1 to 80 in general. Bingo players don't choose their card numbers. They get cards with the numbers on them, which are valid for 1 session.

Keno players can use their numbers for more than one game.


Success score

Our experienced team has successfully developed different types of Casino Games, including HiLo, Wheel of Fortune, Roulette, Crash, and others. We provide mobile app development as well.

Keno game development agility

Designers and developers at our development company are specialized in building games on Ethereum, Binance and other blockchains, delivering trending solutions. We will help in enhancing the growth of your online casino business.

Standout solutions

We turn the most complex ideas into reality, finding unique solutions in each situation. Developing highly secure online casino software and creating engaging games is our top priority.

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