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Based on proven expertise and industry-leading solutions, we create secure multi-chain crypto wallets with robust features that will help you drive business success.

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Visualize the result

Our team of experts will deliver their comprehensive knowledge to help you draw the project outline and build its prototype. According to market needs and your business goals, we will offer you solutions that drive value.

Accelerate product launch

Through our structured workflow and flexibility, we will help you to release the product rapidly with all must-have features. So that, you’ll be able to start the process of gaining clients and boosting your business sooner.

Create API-centric crypto wallet apps

Using Web 3 along with other advanced technology solutions, we build multichain cryptocurrency wallets that support thousands of digital assets over different blockchains, track data and deliver seamless operability.To get insights, we interact with a full node of the particular blockchain.

Provide seamless user experience

We will help you to create a product that users will value due to its responsive design, engaging interface, and flawless features for web, iOS, and Android.

Keep up with changing industry demands

Providing sustenance and constant upgrades, we will help you to extend the product's lifecycle making sure it corresponds to the latest technology standards and keeps the competitive edge.

Turn your intangible idea into a real product


Will the web 3 wallet support NFT trading or not, depends on the written code.

To allow buying and selling non-fungible tokens, the wallet must be compatible with token standards such as ERC-721, BEP-1155, ERC-1155, and others. Also, wallets supporting NFTs mainly have integrations with marketplaces and DeFi projects, which enables buying, storing, and selling assets.

While both crypto exchanges and wallets allow trading cryptocurrencies, there are some major differences between them. Among the main ones is the purpose of services.

Wallets ensure secure storage or staking of assets, while exchanges help to organize transactions.

Although it is possible to store crypto holdings both in wallets and exchanges, one principal differentiation between the two is the method of fund control.

Through a crypto wallet, a user can manage the funds, including security and backing-up.

Wallets present complete authority over the use and transactions of funds with the possibility to have passwords and private keys.

Unlike single-chain wallets, which allow users to store and exchange tokens of a particular blockchain, multi-chain wallets support cryptocurrencies running on different blockchains. This means holding and making peer-to-peer transactions with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and other digital assets from one place.

Wallet holders need to be aware of scams. Also, they should not share information on their private keys with anybody.

To prevent the possibility of hacks, it's required to make certain that the crypto wallet doesn't have any vulnerabilities that attackers can take advantage of.

Why Exio.Tech?

Feature-rich crypto wallets

Based on the client's requirement we develop crypto wallets that have all the must-haves and additional features such as daily transfer limit or guardians functionality in case of losing the private key.

Agile development process

We carry out the development process from its strategic concept through coding and launch. To create a product that meets our clients' business needs and timelines we use agile development approaches.

Domain expertise

Sharing your business goals, we will provide our comprehensive knowledge gained through extensive experience in dapp development and constant learning to help you create a future-proof product.

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