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Align product development with your business goals

We will study your business objectives, and based on your requirements, our team will help you build a product implementation and design strategy that aligns with your business goals and customer value.

Determine the viability of your idea

Through detailed market research and analysis, we will help you determine the right product metrics, along with a set of features, and test their viability by developing an MVP.

Build web wallets, mobile wallets, or both

Our blockchain development experts will guide you in choosing the most effective technology stack and combination of tools to develop a reliable multichain NFT wallet for web, iOS, and Android according to your needs.

Achieve speed to market

According to lean and agile project development methodologies, we break down the project implementation into smaller steps, thus accelerating the development and delivery process. Here, at we offer the fastest path from idea to product release.

Fulfill user needs

The team will help you develop a wallet that resonates with end-users. Based on the product vision of our clients, we develop customized, user-friendly NFT wallets with seamless functionality. Our cryptocurrency wallet software solutions also offer to modify DeFi wallets into NFT wallets within a few weeks.

Keep pace with technology

It is essential to keep up with the rapid technological evolution trends to stay ahead of the curve. We will help you in all aspects of the maintenance and further support of the product.

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The first step to developing an NFT wallet is to decide on its type, studying the web, mobile, and desktop wallets. Next, comes the selection of the technology stack. To test the viability of the idea, it is necessary to research the market, carefully consider the requirements of end-users, find out solutions and test them accordingly. After this step, you will need to choose the features of the wallet. The main ones include user authorization, security, NFC support, (which ensures data transfer, mobile pairing, various NFT standards). After the core functionalities and features are defined, the coding process begins. As this step is completed, developers deploy the wallet, and then they maintain and support the product.

The process is complex and requires building additional security and safety features. To achieve this, you will need to partner with a reliable NFT wallet development company.

Cryptocurrency wallets are needed to conduct transactions on blockchain networks. Essentially, an NFT wallet is a crypto wallet that in addition to digital assets like Ether, BNB, or others, supports NFT standards. They ensure the secure storage of the assets, providing users with private keys in the form of a 12-word phrase, or biometric authentication like the popular Metamask wallet.

It is important to note that a crypto wallet doesn't contain NFTs, but gives access to the blockchain, where the assets are stored. Through private keys, users authorize transactions and control their tokens. Setting up wallets supporting NFTs, and connecting them to different NFT marketplaces, or other dapps, users can create, buy, sell, and trade their NFTs.

Creating NFTs is simple and doesn't require technical knowledge. First, you will need to decide on in which form their NFT will be whether it'll be an artwork, photo, animation, audio, etc. After the concept is decided, an NFT wallet is required. So, with the next step, you will need to download an NFT wallet and fund it. After this is completed too, you will need to connect your wallet with an NFT marketplace like Open Sea. The first thing that is required is signing up. Then, you create a collection, upload the file and write a description, decide its price, and that's it. The work is on the NFT market, up for sale.

Usually, creating and listing NFTs on marketplaces is free. However, platforms charge some percentage from successful sales. How much the fees are, depends on the complexity of transactions and how busy the network is.


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