Smart Contract Audit

Reveal vulnerabilities of your code to ensure first-grade security and efficiency through our detailed services of smart contract audit.

We Will Help You

Have a Clear Picture Of Your Product's Quality

Our team analyzes the code in detail and accurately assesses its security, safety, maintainability, reliability, and other metrics. We provide a report that mentions all weak points along with providing advice on quality improvement.

Find Out Existing And Possible Risks

Based on thorough examination and tests, we will help you search out every point that can negatively affect the achievement of your business objectives and goals. Thus, you won't need to worry about the effective implementation of the product.

Discover Spaghetti Codes And Ways To Fix Them

Although the outputs may seem fine to an end-user, unstructured code makes it difficult for developers to maintain and extend the structure. Following code review best practices, we will help you identify these hardly readable structures and deal with them.

Identify Blocker, Critical, And Non-Critical Gaps

The services we provide include checking the healthiness of various outputs, including ICO smart contracts, Ethereum smart contracts, DeFi smart contracts, and much more. We will help you to be aware of what issues need to be fixed first and how to manage the process right.

Plan How To Improve The System

Defining security flows and other gaps, we will help you to find effective solutions to manage the problems fast, eliminating the possibility of errors and hacks. In our working process, we use automated tools as well as manual reviews.

Get in touch and de-risk your project


A smart contract audit allows the discovery of possible security risks. It's essential to find out bugs and vulnerabilities before deploying a smart contract as, after the step, it becomes impossible to make corrections.

By carrying out an audit, you'll be sure that the code is safe and ready to use. Presenting your customers with an audited product will let them know that they are protected against malicious attacks and will make them more confident.

Among the most common smart contract flows is indirect command execution that includes unknown code, reentrancy, not an accurate calculation of output token amount, interface issues, runtime errors, transaction gas-related flows, and lack of knowledge of how to work with tokens.
The gaps may disallow a smart contract to operate properly, which can lead to hacks and stealing of funds.

The audit begins with getting familiar with the project, its features, and its goals. So, the group carrying out the code review understands the logic of a smart contract.
Next comes the review of architecture and design, which includes analyzing source code and libraries. By doing so, the team understands what decisions were taken during the smart contract engineering.
After architecture review, the auditing team implements testing (manual review and automated) and gives formal verification of the smart contract code in the case the latter meets the specifications and requirements.
Otherwise, the team presents the bugs and makes suggestions for improving the code.
The final stage of a smart contract audit is reporting, through which a client receives a detailed report on the results.

Basically, there are two types: smart contract security audit, otherwise called interim audit, and full audit.

While the interim audit is carried out at the initial phase of smart contract development, to know if the start of the project is right, a full audit is implemented before deploying the project on the main net. It aims to make sure that the code is healthy and will deliver security as well as seamless functionality.

Why Exio.Tech?

Agile Smart Contract Audits

Based on code review best practices and maximizing workflow productivity, we present audit reports fast, letting our clients be aware of possible software risks sooner.

Holistic Code Review

Our team of auditors examines the entire codebase in detail, gives analysis, and offers solutions, thus preparing the project to resist any types of possible attacks.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

We use advanced technology solutions to get full insights into the code. An audit report that we present provides a comprehensive estimation of risks that a project may face.

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