Sniper Bot Development

Based on your sniper bot development goals, we create advanced trading tools that allow instant automated operations.

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Develop a viable trading strategy

The team will provide broad experience in the crypto market to help you develop a trading model according to your vision and boost profit.

Turn advanced concepts into a smart contract

Based on professional trading concepts, along with studying new possibilities, we will help you develop a strategy that fits your trading vision. Next, the developers of our team will translate trading rules into code.

Have a customized trading bot at an affordable price

We will meet your timelines and development goals, due to the agility of our working processes. Thus, you will get a profitable trading bot, cutting operational costs.

Establish a profitable algo trading system

With a secure and fast-response trading bot developed by us, you will be able to access different markets and acquire the tokens you want automatically. Buying early increases the chances to grow your income essentially.

Get the upper hand in purchasing newly added tokens

We will help you get steps ahead of other traders and be among the first ones to purchase newly listed tokens. The bot connects to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and other blockchain networks, scans and analyses transactions. Then, according to instructions, it can buy, sell and swap the required token or tokens.

Make your trading experience a leap forward


In the crypto market, a sniper bot snipes the newly launched tokens the very second they enter the market. To be able to do so, it interacts with the smart contract of a trading platform such as Binance, UniSwap, PancakeSwap, etc.

Using web3, bots connect to various platforms and manage to achieve a high speed of executions due to algorithms.

In DeFi platforms, liquidity pools are resources, pools of tokens locked in a smart contract. Through this mechanism, some users add tokens and earn rewards, and others borrow, or swap tokens.

Liquidity sniping is a process through which a crypto bot monitors a decentralized exchange and reacts when new liquidity pools are created, or funds are added.

Automated actions of a sniping bot are the key to buying tokens as soon as they enter the market. Acquiring tokens sooner, preferably at the time of the creation of the pool, increases the chances to make a profit significantly. Buying tokens early at a lower price and selling later when the price is up is one of the most common trading strategies.

The first step of programming is to build a smart contract and input instructions in it. For that purpose, a developer mainly uses Solidity or other blockchain programming languages.

The next step is building a program through Web 3 and logs, which listens for new trading pairs created on a decentralized exchange.

At the final stages of coding, developers integrate steps into the code. It's required to create the necessary values for the token swap. The script will run and check a trading platform instantly, detecting newly created liquidity pairs.

Developers write the logic, following which, a smart contract executes token swaps.

According to development goals, the Solidity smart contract can support target tokens on selected crypto exchanges.

If developed properly, setting up and running a sniper bot will be easy. In many cases, after getting the bot, users need just to unzip a folder to a desktop, connect their wallets and enter their private keys.

Users select exchanges they want to get access to and monitor. Next, they adjust parameters for trading. This includes selecting tokens and setting amounts to trade.


Killer development solutions

We provide breakthrough solutions to bring any algorithmic trading idea to life. To create an effectively functioning bot, our team builds advanced scripts that monitor crypto exchanges accurately and respond fast.

Competitive knowledge

In your search for an experienced bot development company that will deliver the results you expect, our team will be the right choice. In addition to in-depth technical knowledge, we provide tips and tricks in trading cryptocurrencies and transform them into code.

Bots for any trading goal

Based on the specific needs and requirements of our clients, we create customized bots integrating the wanted features.

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