Synthetic Tokens (Stablecoins)

Create your synthetic token with features that users will value. Whether you already have the vision of the product or are in search of solutions, Exio.Tech is here to help you get started.

We Will Help You

Plan And Weigh Up Your Ideas

Our blockchain architects will help you build the vision of the future synthetic token, give value to it, consider the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen collateral, or choose one.

Create ERC, BEP, TRC Tokens And More

Based on your blockchain development needs, we build custom synthetic tokens that are secure and unique. Our services include developing synthetic tokens on Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, and other blockchain protocols.

Determine The Tokenomics Model

Having a thorough understanding of the market, we will help you develop a solid distribution plan and evaluate the project's merits.The right usage of tokenomics will help you promote the product and have a competitive product.

Build a Crypto Wallet

Our services include developing a multi-chain crypto wallet designed especially for your crypto platform and token.So, the users will be able to interact with tokens via a wallet that has a responsive user interface and supports cryptocurrencies running on various blockchains.

Speed Up The Token's Launch

Working in an agile way, we ensure maximized flexibility to help you meet challenging deadlines. Through our partnership, you will get robust products with tailored solutions that will allow you to increase your ROI.

Deliver Value To Users

As an outcome of our consumer-oriented product development, you will get a token and related products that will work for your business and users securing long-term growth.

Create your synthetic token with features that will deliver value to users

What We Do

The Exio.Tech team provides full-circle development of synthetic tokens using blockchain programming languages, mainly Solidity, to write smart contracts. Apart from building tokens, we develop platforms where they will function and crypto wallets designed for users' interaction.

Our team delivers modern solutions such as APIs for cross-chain operations, builds the user interface, and creates design. Also, we carry out mobile app development.
Building the product from scratch, we will also help you to bring it to the market and achieve its successful implementation.


Synths or synthetic tokens are derivatives that mimic prices of other assets and stocks such as gold, Bitcoin, Eth, USD, Tesla, etc. Synthetic crypto tokens function via smart contracts based on token standards such as ERC-20.

Through synthetic tokens, holders can access exposure to underlying assets without owning them directly. Crypto synthetic tokens track the prices of those assets and enable their employment in a decentralized way.

There are several ways for synthetic assets to achieve their target price. One is when the entity behind a stablecoin sets up a "reserve". For instance, it stores $1 million to back one million units of stablecoin.

In this case, whenever a stablecoin holder withdraws their tokens, an equal amount of the collateral is taken from the reserve. The second option is used by Maker protocol, which locks up a user's collateral via a service "Vault".

Afterward, based on smart contracts execution, a user can borrow stablecoin DAI.
The third way to achieve the price is algorithmic. It is not based on collateral but on a stabilization algorithm that issues more coins when the price rises and decreases supply when the price falls. This way, the demand and supply are balanced and the price stable.

One of the most popular synthetic assets is the dollar-pegged synthetic stablecoin DAI, issued by Maker DAO.

Maker's governance token, MKR, on the other hand, is backed by Ethereum. An example of a commodity-pegged synthetic token is a gold-pegged PAX Gold.

However, the collateral of the synthetic assets can be anything: real-world assets, cryptocurrencies, stocks, etc.
What collateral to choose depends on the creator's imagination. So, these tokens essentially enable investors to tokenize and trade whatever they want.

Synthetic tokens are useful tools for traders. They enable time and cost-effective P2P payments. These tokens also allow storing cryptocurrencies without changing them back to fiat and not worrying much about price volatility.

Additionally, making cross-chain transactions is easier with synthetic tokens.
Another benefit of synthetic tokens is that anyone can create them. However, planning and developing the project thoroughly is essential to success.

Why Exio.Tech?

Secure DeFi Projects

Our specialists carry out the development, testing, and quality assurance process so that there won't be any smart contract or technical risks.

Extensive Experience

Having several years' experience in developing DeFi applications, cryptocurrencies, and other projects, we will help you create a synthetic assets development platform that accurately tracks an underlying asset's value, and manages supply, trading, debt, and other assets operations.

Fast Delivery

Due to efficient operational workflow management, our team handles challenging deadlines and presents products that fully correspond to the requirements of our clients.

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