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While you’re on your way to turning your innovative idea of a decentralized finance platform into reality, we will help you to create a superior product that will last.

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Evaluate your idea

Based on deep market research and analysis, we will offer you solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Thus, you will be able to evaluate your concept and find out what responses it may get from potential customers.

Map out the product creation process

According to your project requirements, we will plan and carry out the development process to meet your timeline. With technical mastery and agile workflow, our experts will achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time.

Deliver a seamless user experience

We will help you to create a DeFi platform that attracts users due to its security, responsive design, strong technical fundamentals, and easy navigation.Through our custom development solutions, you can build an extensive yield farming ecosystem with all the basic and additional functions.

Differentiate your product

Implementing business-driven development, we create products that stand out in the market, thus helping our partners to engage more users and increase their ROI.

Keep up with industry trends

After the project's launch, we deliver further support and upgrades. Thus, the product always corresponds to the latest standards and remains attractive for yield farmers.

Take your DeFi project from concept to completion


In essence, yield farming is the implementation of different strategies due to which cryptocurrency holders make more crypto.

Among common ways of capital raising are lending the funds to other users, borrowing, moving funds over various DeFi protocols, providing liquidity, and getting rewards. DeFi yield farming platforms are based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Among popular protocols for generating yield are Compound, Uniswap, Aave, Maker DAO, Yearn.finance, PancakeSwap, and Venus.

Besides earning interest, the protocols allow lenders and borrowers to get governance tokens like COMP and CAKE and then sell them on the open market.

Yield farming protocols are mainly focused on smart contracts that are deployed on blockchains. They implement various components such as automated money markets and liquidity pools. So, liquidity providers can deposit their assets into a liquidity pool, while other users can swap tokens or get loans. For the activities, users pay fees, which are distributed between liquidity providers and help them earn rewards.

AMMs are algorithms that calculate the prices and interest rates on a platform based on the liquidity amount held within liquidity pools.

The amount of crypto assets staked in a certain protocol through smart contracts is called TVL. According to data provided by DeFi Pulse, currently, the TVL of the DeFi market stands at over 82 B.

Why Exio.Tech?

Full-cycle blockchain development

We handle every aspect of the project development from product ideation to launch and sustenance. Our team can also join the project in the different stages of its development.

Experience-centric and outcome oriented

Being in the blockchain and DeFi industry for years, we never stopped exploring new technology solutions and development approaches. This helps us to stay ahead of the curve and establish long-term partnerships with our clients.

Flexible development methodologies

Based on adaptive and flexible approaches, our development services provide maximized productivity and tailored solutions for every project. To achieve the goal we apply customized Agile development.

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